Saturday 22 December 2012

Plans for Hilary Term: Oxford children's chapter

Hilary term for the Oxford Children's Chapter will begin on 21st January 2013. We will be beginning work on some hand quilted garments, adapted from the patterns shown below. Techniques to be learnt will include turned-edge applique, sashiko and broderie perse.

This commercial pattern suggests buying pre-quilted fabric. We will be improving on it by starting completely from scratch and hand-quilting our own choice of fabrics.

This commercial pattern for unlined waistcoats can easily be adapted for quilted materials.
 We will also be continuing work on the Hope Chests, and making some embroidered napkins to go in them. Naturally the choice of motif will be chosen by each individual, but we could do worse than to attempt something like these!

Italian vintage whitework embroidered needlepoint napkins
Very much looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year! Happy Christmas!

Monday 17 December 2012

Birmingham children's guild Christmas meeting

Slightly early, I know. Today we had a lovely time making felt stockings, followed by a shared lunch and party games; including a giant pass-the-parcel. Each child got a delightful Christmas book.

Friday 14 December 2012

Oxford children's chapter: last meeting of term

The Oxford Children's Chapter had its last meeting of term on 10th December. It has been a most fruitful term, seeing the completion of many beautiful goldwork Christmas decorations which are being sold to raise funds for our work. The older girls have also been working on making their own blouses from scratch: designing and making the patterns as well as actually constructing the garments. Their knowledge of geometry has improved enormously as a result!

Two of our members made us chocolate chip biscuits to celebrate our efforts.

Marie and Bridget preparing the cookie dough
 Many thanks to Marie and Bridget for this delicious treat! 

The completed delicacies, fresh from the oven

Our plans for next term include quilting jackets and waistcoats and embroidering linen napkins. Roll on Hilary!

Monday 10 December 2012

New Altar Frontal

The Guild of St Clare, Oxford has been hard at work on a commission for a rose-coloured altar frontal, for Fr John Saward of the parish of Ss Gregory and Augustine, Oxford. Liturgically aware readers will realise that the pressure is on, as it will be needed for Gaudete Sunday - the 16th December.

The altar frontal was almost entirely created by Clare Auty, our matchless seamstress.

Clare Auty pinning the trim on to the frontal

She made it, most appropriately, on her beautiful antique Singer sewing machine, pictured below, which is 74 years old.
Clare Auty's magnificent treadle sewing machine, manufactured in 1938
The gold trim for the frontal is antique, from France. The fabric, which is an almost perfect colour match with the chasuble which Fr John already possesses, is actually upholstery fabric. The frontal is backed with pure linen.

The gold trim being machined into place
We were all able to assist at the final stage, sewing on clips which will attach the frontal on to the altar.

Clare Auty and Amanda Lewin attaching clips to the back of the frontal

Three of us were able to work on the  frontal simultaneously
I did my best to help

We are all looking forward immensely to seeing it in position on Sunday, 16th December, at its home in the church of Ss Gregory and Augustine, Oxford. It will be used in all the services on Gaudete Sunday: its blessing will take place during the Old Rite Mass at 12 noon.