Saturday 22 December 2012

Plans for Hilary Term: Oxford children's chapter

Hilary term for the Oxford Children's Chapter will begin on 21st January 2013. We will be beginning work on some hand quilted garments, adapted from the patterns shown below. Techniques to be learnt will include turned-edge applique, sashiko and broderie perse.

This commercial pattern suggests buying pre-quilted fabric. We will be improving on it by starting completely from scratch and hand-quilting our own choice of fabrics.

This commercial pattern for unlined waistcoats can easily be adapted for quilted materials.
 We will also be continuing work on the Hope Chests, and making some embroidered napkins to go in them. Naturally the choice of motif will be chosen by each individual, but we could do worse than to attempt something like these!

Italian vintage whitework embroidered needlepoint napkins
Very much looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year! Happy Christmas!

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