Friday, 3 October 2014

Goldwork Training Days

The Guild of St Clare is holding further training in Goldwork, thanks to the expertise of the ladies of Golden Hinde who are travelling from Warrington to continue teaching us.

As we already have some experience in goldwork, we will be introduced to more advanced skills. Beginners are still welcome however!

The course will be spread over two days: 21st February 2015 and 21st March 2015 (please note revised dates), between 10am and 4pm, and will be held at the church hall at St Anthony of Padua, as before. The cost will be £60 per day.

Please email for more information or to book a place.


  1. This is excellent. As you know I, along with Paul Waddington, have a penchant for needlework.

    Since you put the post up it has struck me that goldwork may (and I might be wrong) be an appropriate medium for recreating the Pilgrimage of Grace badge that was originally at West Rasen Chapel, and is now held at Arundel.

    I would not have mentioned it, but the original badge is relatively small, though I appreciate that it would still involve some solid work (my skills are not up to it I am afraid).

    Maybe this is an item that could be held centrally with the LMS and could be displayed at the Martyrs pilgrimages around the country?

    It was just a thought, but one that kept returning since I read your original post.


  2. What a lovely idea! We would certainly love to try! Do you have pictures you could send?