Monday, 1 August 2016

Embroidered Scapulars

The sewing class at the St Catherine's Trust summer school made embroidered scapulars this year. It was a fairly advanced embroidery project, involving trellis stitch, coral stitch, feather stitch, long and short tapestry shading, and - the piece-de-resistance - bullion knot roses, which have been known to reduce students at the Royal School of Needlework to tears. I had in mind the possibility of simplifying the design if it should prove too difficult, but it wasn't necessary - almost everyone completed it within the time available. Well done everyone!

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  1. I always wanted to learn sewing. This seems so much fun. Wish I could attend the event. Anyway, the article is very well-written and the pictures are very exciting. Great job and good luck.

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  3. These are some great embroidered scapulars. Keep up the good work.
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