Friday 13 November 2020

James completes his Jacobean Crewelwork

James Sharpe, the first winner of the Guild of St Clare sponsorship to the Royal School of Needlework, has finished his first piece of embroidery for the Jacobean Crewelwork technique, and will submit it in December when the mounting is complete.

James already had a background in art and design when he began the RSN Certificate course, and his design is laden with symbolism. The top represents the kingdom of Heaven, the thistles the pains of Hell, the central vine the vine of Christ and the narrow way, and the oxen the determined disciple. This exciting piece combines the English tradition of embroidery for upholstery and domestic furnishings with familiar liturgical symbols, using it to tell a story.

Many congratulations to James on this achievement: I am sure the assessors will be as impressed as we at the Guild of St Clare are!

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