Thursday 6 January 2022

Volunteers sought for our Vestment-Making Drive

The Guild of St Clare has been commissioned to make new pieces for a number of incomplete Low Mass Sets: maniples, chalice veils, burses and stoles. We are looking for volunteers willing to help with this work: materials will of course be provided. For each completed new piece, we will give the maker a discount of 30% to use when booking our twice annual sewing retreats (up to a maximum of 60% off per retreat).

A young member makes a Roman Purple maniple using the traditional soft-mount technique

At the Guild of St Clare we use traditional hand construction techniques to make vestments: if you would like to participate in this scheme, and have no experience of these, we will be happy to show you, and guide you through the project.

Applying braid with a sewing machine

For more information, or to volunteer, please email Lucy at

Chalice veil and burse made at the first Guild of St Clare Sewing Retreat, for the LMS Red High Mass Set

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