Monday 10 April 2023

He is risen indeed: Close of the Lenten Vestment Mending Challenge

Regular readers of this website will know that, at the beginning of Lent, the Guild of St Clare launched its annual Lenten Vestment Mending Challenge; and this year, we made a specific prayer intention for the Liberty of the Traditional Mass, offered as a contribution to the Appeal for Prayers by Una Voce International. The Lenten season started very ominously for lovers of the Traditional Mass, with the publication, by the Dicastery for Divine Worship, of a Rescript, concerning the interpretation of the Apostolic Letter Traditiones Custodes, which deprived local bishops of the authority to provide traditional Masses in their own parish churches.

Rumours had, previous to this, been very widespread as to the publication of a further document, issuing yet more restrictions, or perhaps even a complete ban on celebrations of the Latin Mass: and a particular date, Holy Monday, had been suggested as a possible occasion for it. Prayers were therefore urgently necessary, and it was heartening to witness the strength and enthusiasm of the supporters of the Guild of St Clare as they responded to the Appeal for Prayers. Repairing (or making) vestments is a double prayer: not only is it in itself an alms to the Church, but when undertaken prayerfully, it is also a spiritual offering.

More than thirty stitchers joined our effort for this intention. I attach a few photos of some (by no means all) of the things which have so far been finished. I am enormously grateful to all those who assisted in this great endeavour. There can be no doubt that the many prayers offered for this Lenten intention have been heard: no document was issued on Holy Monday, and perhaps our worst fears will not be realised. They have certainly, at least, been delayed.

Our prayers continue for the freedom of the faithful to attend the Old Mass, and our vestment-mending also goes on. 

A new Ciborium veil, made of silk charmeuse

The lace protector is re-attached to this exquisite black velvet chasuble covered in raised goldwork

This is a new stole, to match (and complete) a black Low Mass set belonging to the LMS

This chasuble has been completely re-lined

The London (St Bede's) Chapter collaborated to make this altar frontal for Laetare Sunday at St Bede's

This maniple has been made to complete a red Low Mass set

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