Monday 22 April 2024

Fundraising Appeal for our White Cope

Following the launch of our fundraising campaign last week, and thanks to the kindness of our supporters, we may raise enough funds to tackle a project especially close to my heart: the restoration of a beautiful white Cope, given to the Guild of St Clare by Fr Mark Swires of the diocese of Brentwood.

The Cope has a hood, embroidered with a Pelican in her Piety, and orphreys with complementary embroidered floral motifs. The embroidery (mainly stem stitch worked with a chenille thread) is in almost perfect condition. The Pelican has evidently been re-mounted on the fabric, so I think it may originally have decorated an older Cope.

Since the fabric of the body of the Cope is mildewed (the hood and orphreys have miraculously escaped damage), I think the best thing will be to make a new Cope and apply the old hood and orphreys to it. As it happens, at our most recent Sewing Retreat, for the first time we were unable to have Benediction, because there was no white Cope in the sacristy at the retreat centre, and we didn’t have time to find one we could borrow. This therefore seems like an excellent opportunity to expend some of our precious resources in bringing this fabulous white Cope back into use.

We will need approximately 5 metres of fabric, and also 10 metres of braid. The cost of materials will be in the region of £700, and it will take around 25 hours to complete the work. This is a significant outlay for our small apostolate, but by the same token it will be a fitting and permanent memorial of the benefactors who have made it possible. A commemorative label will be stitched inside, asking for prayers for the donors.

To join the fundraising effort, please visit our GoFundMe page. Thank you so much to all our benefactors; you are assured of our prayers.

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